Five Pillars of the Sun

The Escort Party

September 9th – October 3rd, 15,827

Martelm, Grognak, and Oscar find themselves in the bustling harbor city of WaveCrest in the region of Cyriil, in the province of Sprome. With little gold in their pockets, and each with his own story to tell and own motivations, they set off to find jobs. As destiny has it, these three unlikely heroes find themselves together simultaneously applying for a job at the WaveCrest General Good Store, owned by a muscular and burley-smoking man named Yennen Songsteel. His daughter, Brenda Songsteel, brings the three heroes to her father for mission briefing. Yennen tasks them with the duty of providing escorting and defensive services to a trade caravan, as he is also the leader of Cyriil’s very own Trader’s Guild service. He tells the party that they will be driven there by BobJoe the carriage driver, and that they ought to have their hands at the hilt of their weapons at all times, for disruptions and delays are to be expected on Cyriil’s Missionary’s Road. The party is also told that humans are not allowed into the ThunderTop Heights and that they should report any dwarves who they see wandering the Black Wall fields away from the main road. The explanation they receive for this is because in Cyriil, there are laws that prevent the human race from mining the ThunderTop Heights and laws that prevent the dwarves from settling the fields of Black Wall, with the exception of claiming a home in ForgeStone City, Cyriil’s capital. The caravan sets out.

The party pass by several farmsteads on the way out before they come to a bridge that crosses a river that flows out of the FesterRot swamp, a vile place just behind the SeaMist Hills which cradle WaveCrest in their protective embrace. Upon coming to the bridge, they are stopped by a single odd knight with an unstable posture. They battle the knight and reveal that it is actually two halfling bandits inside a large suit of armor. In their first display of skillful guardsmenship, they swiftly dispatch their attackers and continue on their merry route.
After stopping at a monastery to resupply and rest up, they set out yet again, only this time, they pass by a few caves where they are attacked by several kobolds who steal many of the caravans goods late at night. The party, now delayed and in danger of having their pay deducted, charge in to find that the kobold bandits are holed up in a meager two chambered cave in the hillside. They quickly dispatch the miserable creatures, reclaim their caravan goods, and loot the cave for gold and gems. After many weeks of travel, they finally pass through the southern entrance of the Black Wall fields, and enter the massive expanse of prairie and farmland.

The party takes notice of the colossal black walls around the fields that seem to curve into the horizon at both edges. They stay at a farmers house, where they engage some vandals who are drunk on booze. They kill one of the drunkards and the rest scatter. When they arrive at ForgeStone to deliver some packages, they are ambushed by several individuals claiming to want vengeance for the death of their cousin. The party proceeds to kick their sorry drunk asses and they run into some trouble with the law for it. Eventually, the party leaves to deliver their final round of packages at the final destination in the dwarven city of AnvilGuard at the foot of the ThunderTop Heights.


Where’s the part about me casting mount, and chasing down the Kobolds? That was a cool moment. lol

The Escort Party

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