Five Pillars of the Sun

The Witch

September 4th – 8th, 15,827

Iomori the witch has been living with her adoptive grandmother, Sophie, the majority of her life. However, Sophie has been gravely ill and she sends Iomori to fetch her her medicine from an apothecary in ForgeStone. During the return of one of her travels to ForgeStone, Iomori returns to find that her grandmother has been killed, laying facedown in the floor in a puddle of her own blood. After her grandmother’s funerary service, Iomori decided to run into the forest out of desperation, wishing to forget the life she had made in the CopperLeaf village within the everautumn Vermillion Forest. She trips upon a branch and crashes down hard on the floor during a sudden violent earthquake, hitting her head and passing out. She wakes up in a dream, where she is still in the forest, but at night, and the moon is a blood red, casting its crimson glow of peril upon the leaves of the forest. She is running through the wood when suddenly, she encounters a pond. From the pond bursts a pillar of black flame, and from within the flame comes a tremendous three-winged raven with bright glowing red eyes. It begins to chase and attack Iomori, but she is able to defeat it with the help of her grandmother Sophie. The raven suddenly bursts and turns into an attractive young prince dressed in all white. He tells her that the Chaos Mother has chosen her as one of her representatives on Midgard.

Her dream is filled with a bright light and her grandmothers voice tells her that everything will be fine, and that she needs to wake up. Iomori opens her eyes at the sound of a cawing raven sitting on her lap. It bears a wand in its mouth that looks like a black twig with a glowing white stone wave pattern weaved into its fibers. It flies away and tells her they shall be meeting again soon. Iomori eventually finds her way back into the village and spots the local cleric of Sarenrae speaking with an old man, an outsider. The cleric, Augustine, invites her over and introduces her to the old man. Augustine says that he is of a special order which investigates crimes, witch craft, and curses, and that he may be of some help in discovering who would want Sophie killed. Augustine offers Iomori residence in the monastery while they get Sophie’s house cleaned and purified, as the stench of recently spilled blood attracts the attention of ghouls who are constantly searching for corpses to eat. The three head back to the monastery and have dinner. Suddenly, a screaming woman comes knocking at the door, claiming that the village is under attack, and that her husband has been killed by undead.

The old man, Iomori, Augustine, and a local young man with a sword all go out and encounter a wave of undead pouring out from the cemetery’s crypt. Augustine has the other three stave off the invasion while he goes off to activate a massive holy barrier around the cemetery by ringing the bell at the church tower. After they narrowly succeed, the four head back to the monastery to heal and rest and plan their next move. Once they sit down to continue their dinner that had been interrupted, an elf barbarian steps in asking for Augustine. He and Iomori briefly greet each other as she and the young man depart for their individual rooms. It is in the early morning that the raven returns to Iomori at her bedroom window, and reveals to her that she is now a witch and that he is her familiar, and that her destiny is tied in with what happened to her grandmother. In order for Iomori to find out who killed her grandmother, she must wait for a man named Sabbetheus to reveal himself to her so that he may assist her on her quest.



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