Five Pillars of the Sun

Rescue Zerik!!

Rising from their binds in the HammerPalace of Correction, the party exits to the streets of AnvilGuard and make way towards the northernmost exit out of the city towards their destination. They manage to successfully sneak their way past several guards who are on high alert as news of their escape seemed to have traveled faster than river water across the chain of command. Upon arriving at the gate, they are stopped by a group of several of the cult’s brainwashed dwarven guards. Jose manages to use his rogue guile to impersonate an elite ally of the cult being sent out on a special mission to the dungeon north of AnvilGuard. Intimidating the dwarves with this commanding persona, and threatening to contact their superiors while feigning insult at the doubt held by the dwarves, he manages to successfully lead the party out of the city and into the restricted mountain zone. As night quickly approaches during their journey, they decide to set up camp behind a natural barrier of standing stones and brush. During the night, the party notices a small flickering light not too far ahead in the middle of the road they are on. As they approach with more caution, they realize that the flickering light is actually a campsite of a dwarven patrol.

Unaware of their purpose but with a rash necessity to investigate, Jose and Martelm decide to skulk off away from their own campsite and sneak along the shadows until they have come close enough to see and hear the patrol more clearly. Not to their surprise, they are greatly drunk and seem to be shouting things in Abyssal. Martelm farts and garners the attention of one of the dwarves. He begins to stumble over to the bushes by the boulder where the two are hiding and as Jose readies his daggers, they notice that the dwarf has not actually noticed them, but rather, he begins undoing his trousers and begins to relieve himself upon the bushes. As Jose and Martelm feel a sudden sense of relief that they narrowly avoided an altercation, a sudden voice emerges from one of Jose’s sheathes and makes a snide remark at the dwarf’s “sword” size. The dwarf is caught by surprise and half drawing his weapon, half pulling up his trousers, he alerts his comrades at the camp. As Jose and Martelm leap out of the bushes, Jose realizes his dagger, the Blessed Blade of Exertion, has become animated and he wields it to attack the dwarf. As blood is spilt in the thick of battle, a sudden voice fills the skies with a booming presence that says “Thou hath spilt thine filthy blood upon my hallowed home!!! Unworthy villains!!”.

A pillar of fire violently shoots down from the peak of the PhoenixSpire Mountain and descends upon the dwarven camp, leaving nothing but a burning crater in its wake. The crimson flash then swiftly returned to the top of the mountain peek. Confused as to what had just occurred and frightened for their lives, Jose and Martelm made way to the camp where the others were only to find their allies fighting their way out of their collapsed pavilion tent, now ruined by the shockwave and stray embers created by the attack of the flaming beast. Opting to sleep outdoors with a scheduled watch, the party soon rested up and prepared to search for the hidden dungeon at the start of the next day. Upon waking, the party set forth once again on their quest to rescue Zerik Runeseeker from the clutches of the cult. The following day, after scanning the landscape thoroughly, their inspection brings them to a sunken ruin that has been mostly worn away by time. Sensing that this may well be the dungeon Galadriel spoke of, the party decides to descend into its mouth.



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